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baby, baby, where did our love go?


I am back at work (doing payroll on sundays sucks!) but I left earlier to go out to Bacchus and try to catch the floats on Tchoupitoulas before they rolled so I would have a better chance of seeing and maybe TALKING TO Elijah and Sean. That was a bit of a bust. The first seven floats were parked on NAPOLEON near Prytania and these are the floats that the celebrities ride on. When I found this out and noticed that it was about fifteen minutes until roll time, I just decided to quit. I have a lot of work to finish today and after all, three years of doing this and coming this -> <- close is starting to wear on me. (I think we remember what happened LAST Mardi Gras!) I decided to walk back to my car and then I thought, "wait a minute, I'm parked PAST where the floats are! I'd better get going!" So I started to run down Napoleon looking for Elijah's float.
After a few blocks I found it. It's a two tiered float this year and I couldn't see up top. Well the only think I could see was Willie Nelson which gave me a laugh. But I walked around the float a couple of times and I couldn't see Elijah or Sean. My heart sank a little. I decided to go.
I started to back away from the float and just as I turned around I saw Guy from World Without Sundays and there next to him was Elijah, Pam and another woman (his publicist?). They walked RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and I just kind of froze. I could tell they were in a hurry to get on the float because the others were starting to roll. I tapped Guy on the shoulder and asked if I could get a picture and he said yeah, just hurry. So I TOUCHED ELIJAH ON THE BACK and asked for a pic. He said yeah, took the camera from me and handed it to Guy, put his arm around me and *SNAP* we took a picture. WTF people, I touched Elijah. LOL.He smiled and nodded before he got on the float and then they dissapeared for a bit. I smiled.
I got some more pics of him and Pam once they came back out. He looked so sweet and by golly he is little. Pam looked really great. I never thought she looked that pretty in her pictures but she is really pretty in person. She smiles a lot too.

I am so excited. I stressed so hard about this weekend and it turned out way better than I'd thought (friends, see previous entry). This really is the boost that I needed. Maybe 2006 won't be such a bad year after all. =)

ETA: Sean was riding on a different float. He was riding as the Returning King (which I thought both of them were) but this year Elijah was just on a celebrity float. HAHA Willie Nelson and Harry Anderson. I really like Harry Anderson. =)
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